About Us

Rare Bloom is a women-led, small business based in Point Loma, San Diego founded in 2013. Our mission is to provide home goods, clothing, plants, and accessories built for coastal living. We believe in the process, whether it's a candle being poured or a garment being sewn, and do our best to support like-minded individuals & businesses that have similar values. Community is everything to us.
Sarah is Point Loma/OB born & raised. Growing up she worked closely alongside her mother, Karen, who had owned multiple business in Point Loma since 1999. Sarah also spent years in the floral industry, growing her knowledge, love, and expertise of all things plant-related. Sarah's tight knit relationship with the community, buying experience, and curated taste helps her cater to the wide, eclectic demographic of Rare Bloom, here in the heart of Point Loma.